Royal Caribbean Assists in Haiti Relief

Kudos to Royal Caribbean.  According to an article in Travel Weekly, Royal Caribbean sent the Independence of the Seas ship to Labadee, Haiti filled with relief supplies.  And this is not a one time “just for show” initiative.  Royal Caribbean also plans to send two more ships (the Navigator of the Seas and the Liberty of the Seas) as well.

Having recently cruised on Adventure of the Seas (another Voyager class ship), I can only imagine the transformation of these ships from luxurious, bright, and service-oriented ships to ships in service.

Check out the blog of Adam Goldstein, Royal Caribbean’s President and CEO for more information about what Royal Caribbean is doing as well as some suggestions about how you can help.

Royal Caribbean is able to help in a big way because of the size and sheer number of transport ships it owns (because, after all, when you look beneath the beauty, decor, fun, and splash that is a cruise ship – it really is a transport ship).  But we can all help in at least a little way.

Our hats are off to you, RC!  Thanks for “walking the walk.”  We’re proud to be in this industry.


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